15 Places to Indulge in a Destress Massage in Sydney

Let’s face it, life can be stressful. You work full-time while juggling family life and keeping up with your beautiful home.

You’re exhausted. And there’s no issue with admitting you need a relaxing experience.

A massage also comes with health benefits. Have you heard the expression, “carry a weight on your shoulders?” This expression is actually factual.

When you experience stress, it wears your body down. The muscles in your hands, shoulders, back, and neck become weaker and form knots.

So you’re convinced you need a destress massage? If you’re in Sydney, look at these 15 places to get a massage.

1. Fleurs de Lys Medi Spa

This spa combines luxury with treatment.

Fleur de Lys spa is inspired by Moroccan themes and healing customs. These customs include using certain oils that bring healing benefits. Their massage services include a traditional body massage and massages for deep therapy.

If you’re looking for relaxation, consider their hot stone massage. You will feel rejuvenated and you’ll lose all muscle tension. But if your whole body needs some work, they offer full body massages to melt all stress.

Their ultimate destress massage is the anti-stress back and shoulder massage.

Due to work conditions and posture issues, your shoulders and back take the most beating. This massage targets specific muscles that have the most pain.

You’ll feel pain and tension free.

2. The Darling Spa

If you’re traveling to Sydney, consider getting a massage from this spa located at the Star Hotel. If you’re a native of Sydney, you can still book an appointment.

This spa is famous for their wide range of massage treatments.

The Darling Spa uses a combination of European and Asian treatments to pamper and heal.

They offer everything from destress massages to massages designed for pregnant women. If you and your lover both experience muscle tension, they offer anti-stress couple massages.

Their two most effective destress massage treatments are the deep muscle massage and the bamboo massage.

The deep muscle massage targets any stress in your muscles. The bamboo massage is truly unique, stretching out muscles to relieve any tension.

3. Alysium

If Greek Gods took a day off at Alysium (or Elysium), then you know this is the place where you need to get a destress massage. Alysium heals your body with natural methods.

Their more basic services include a hot stone massage. While this is a staple massage treatment, it significantly relieves muscle tension.

If you’re looking for advanced therapy, consider their Swedish, deep tissue, and shiatsu massages.

This help improves circulation, release chronic pain, and relieve muscle tension. They also have services that target specific areas. Their head and scalp massages are also a favourite amongst customers.

Alysium is located at the Hilton hotel in Sydney. You have access if you’re a guest but non-guests can still book an appointment.

4. Sydney Ka Huna

You’ll immediately feel the Hawaiian paradise the minute you walk into this spa.

Sydney Ka Huna’s massage options are combined with a Hawaiian flare that takes a destress massage to the next level.

If you truly feel the tension all over your body, get their signature Ka Huna massage.

The therapists use a long stretch technique combined with deep tension on the upper part of your body. Pairing all of this with sound vibration, you’ll feel both rejuvenated and completely energized.

While the floral and beach vibes can send you to Maui, Sydney Ka Huna doesn’t stop at the basic Hawaiian culture.

Their sessions are filled with chants and prayer to promote healing and positivity. This is a method rooted in Hawaiian culture that gives you a feel-good vibe from deep within.

5. SpaQ Sydney

SpaQ is said to be one of the best places to receive a destress massage in Sydney. This spa is located inside Hotel QT and is available to those who aren’t hotel guests.

One of the best features of this spa is how quiet it is. But it’s also very casual, modern, and a bit quirky. This spa is perfect for those who want a laidback vibe.

Do you enjoy rejuvenation but need some serious work? Their Mastery Massage is perfect for you.

Before the massage, the therapists will have a consultation to find out your massage needs. You’ll receive nurturing benefits with a combination of elixirs and special techniques so you receive a personalized experience.

6. Endota Day Spa

This is the perfect spa for those who want to boost healing and relieve tension with a destress massage.

Endota has a variety of relaxing spa services but also offer ones that promote stress recovery. Since Endota takes extreme care of their clients, they even offer a rebate depending on your health fund.

Their Deep Recovery massage targets muscle pain and tension.

They have services specifically for those with muscle tightness, such as their remedial massage.

More treatments include lymphatic drainage, Hawaiian-themed massages, pregnancy massages, and a shiatsu massage. You can also customize your own massage.

Endota Day Spa is located in the luxurious Paddington region of Sydney, but Endota also has locations all throughout Australia. Keep in mind, each location offers different treatments and the prices may vary.

7. The Day Spa at Langham

This spa is most famous for their wide variety of destress massage treatments.

The Day Spa is located at the Langham Hotel. For those who aren’t hotel guests, make sure you can still reserve an appointment.

Their volcanic stone therapy massage is one of the most popular. This massage takes a hot stone massage a step further by using hot volcanic basalt and cold marble stones.

Using this method of thermotherapy helps to restore your body’s well-being.

If you’re not a fan of hot and cold stones on your body, consider their stress relief massage. This massage utilizes a firm technique to deplete muscle pain. They also have massages specific to the neck, back, and shoulder areas.

8. Mumsabai

This spa is influenced by Thai healing traditions. When you receive a destress massage from Mumsabai, you’re transported to Thailand. They have a plethora of massages that incorporate Thai techniques and materials.

If you want something simple but healing, their traditional Thai massage offers multiple benefits. Thai aromatherapy will put you in a trance while muscle compression is used to heal.

If you want to take these benefits a step further, consider the Mumsabai hot oil massage or Thai herbal hot compression massage.

Their deep tissue massages also come with the rejuvenating hot oil and aromatherapy.

And for those who are always on their feet, consider the foot reflexology. Energy is released when pressure is applied to your feet and lower legs.

9. Peak Health Services

Since this clinic focuses on health, there are a wide variety of remedial destress massages to choose from.

If you really need results, choose this massage clinic. Rather than being a spa, this business is focused on health and delivering results that will benefit your body.

Depending on your health fund, you can receive a rebate for your treatment.

Their remedial massage is one of their most popular services. They even offer specialty services, depending on your lifestyle and pain.

If you’re an athlete, Peak offers a specialized sports massage as well as massages for runners and those who do activities such as CrossFit.

They have massages specifically for headaches and migraines. And they offer massages that focus on improving certain muscle groups.

10. Chi, the Spa

Chi, the Spa is located Shangri-La Hotel and is open to all clients. This spa is known for providing a peaceful experience.

This spa offers a wide variety of massage options but is best-known for two destress massages: the aroma journey massage and the deep tissue massage.

The aroma journey massage may seem like more of a calming massage.

The masseuse uses gentle massage techniques mixed with aromatherapy. However, these help to increase lymphatic circulation. This also synergizes the body, bringing you physical and emotional benefits.

Their deep tissue massage goes deep into your muscles. Any tension and pain will be alleviated. This service is recommended for athletes with bodily injuries and anyone with severe muscle and joint damage.

11. The Body Spot

This massage clinic is known for making you feel great by focusing on your body’s inner healing. All masseuses at The Body Spot hold a diploma in remedial massage.

Each masseuse has a specialty and you can discuss your options when booking your appointment.

You’ll feel relaxed but will also feel tension-free.

Some massages include holistic and aromatherapy healing with deep tissue regimen. Others prefer the more brutal massage methods such as stretching out the muscles for long-term benefits.

There are specialized approaches such as pregnancy care, sports massage, traditional cultural approaches, and muscle rehabilitation massage.

12. Grand Royal Thai Massage

This massage clinic is perfect for those who want a relaxing experience but is also useful for those who suffer from extreme muscle pain. Grand Royal Thai Massage also has great prices, perfect for those who are visiting Sydney on a budget.

You even experience the benefits with the basic massage levels.

Their Thai relaxing massage combines the healing powers of muscle stretching, acupuncture, and yoga with relaxation techniques.

If you experience neck and shoulder pain, their ancient Thai massage focuses on those regions with stretching and acupressure.

If you want something more intense, their grand deep oil muscle massage focuses on firm movements to heal muscle stiffness. The royal ultimate experience combines all of their specialty services for a weekend-only service.

13. Chang Sabai Thai Massage and Spa

This clinic has excellent massages and a professional atmosphere. You’ll immediately feel relaxed when you step foot inside Chang Sabai Massage and Spa.

Their anti-stress massage is their best destress massage service. They focus on the areas that receive the most stress with daily life: head, shoulders, neck, and lower back.

If you want a Thai massage, their traditional Thai massage offers reflexology and stretching to improve your muscles.

If your muscles are damaged, consider their remedial massage. This massage focuses on those who have severe knots, immobility, and high tension in their muscles.

Unlike a lot of clinics, Chang Sabai works with your needs. They can be as gentle or as strong and deep as you want.

This service also comes with a health fund rebate.

14. Signature Day Spa

This spa is perfect for all massage needs. Their destress massage services include a consultation so you truly receive the most benefit from your massage.

The services offer a choice between traditional services and deep tissue techniques, each providing benefits for your body.

Their signature revitalizing massage is relaxing and helps promote healing by removing toxins. Their hot stone massage also helps relieve tension, targeting sore muscles.

If you need additional benefits, take a look at certain services. Their kahuna massage stimulates the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems.

Lymphatic drainage helps drain the tissues and reduce inflammation. They also offer a variety of sports massages.

15. Zen Day Spa

This is the perfect spa for a relaxing experience. But if you want work done, they really deliver results. Each massage starts with a form you fill out and you’ll receive a massage based on your preferences.

For massages requiring more pressure, look at their signature hot oil massage, Swedish, remedial (can receive a rebate), and deep tissue massage. More relaxing massages include aromatherapy.

You can also include add-ons for specific areas — the head and scalp one is favoured by guests.

Time to Get a Destress Massage

All of the destress massage clinics mentioned offer a wide variety of services that promote relaxation and body healing. You can stick with a traditional massage to heal your muscles or you can choose a service that includes stones, aromatherapy or oil.

Each of these clinics focuses on specific services and techniques, so find a clinic that fits your needs. There are even health-based massages that offer rebates to your health fund.

If you want to melt stress, be sure to go to any of these destress massage clinics in Sydney.

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