A Beginner’s Guide to Building the Perfect Gaming Setup

There’s a first time for everything. Here’s how to build a gaming setup to carry you through your games.

You don’t need to be a seasoned gamer to build a good setup. Whether you’re planning on designing a space to call your own or creating a more conducive environment for gaming, these tips will help you cover the basics of the ideal setup.

  1. Your chair will make or break you
  2. The right monitor matters
  3. Good table matters
  4. Up your stats with equipment
  5. Surround your sound
  6. Light up your life

Your chair will make or break you

While your gaming CPU may be the centrepiece of your setup, your chair is just as important.

Any gamer, whether casual or competitive, knows just how fast time passes while gaming. Being in a stationary position all day won’t be doing your back any favours.

While it is certainly a more expensive choice, a proper gaming chair is an investment in your overall health and well-being in the long run.

The uThrone Gaming Massage Chair is engineered to be ergonomic to keep your back upright and minimise strain. A thick, cushy, memory foam lumbar cushion and headrest help support good posture. Recline up to 145° backwards for a quick rest and relaxation in between gaming sessions. The best part? It comes with in-built massage capabilities for you to recharge in between gaming sessions.

The right monitor matters

A few things to consider when buying a monitor: screen size, response time, resolution, and viewing angles. The type of panel technology you opt for depends on what kind of gamer you are.

Panel technology

Best for...


Fast-paced, first-person shooters and competitive gamers


All-rounded option, more affordable than IPS while also offering stunning visuals


Immersive story games and gamers who want to fully appreciate a game’s finer details

There are pros and cons to choosing both a bigger and smaller monitor.

  • A 24-inch monitor is perfectly fitted to the game’s frame = some may find it too small
  • Anything bigger than a 27-inch monitor = must move your head around to gather visual information
  • Go for a curved monitor if you want a bigger display = a more consistent viewing angle and immersive experience

Good table matters

You should have a rough idea of what your setup will look like before buying a table.

Will you have two monitors? How big is your monitor going to be? Do you need extra storage? Where in the room will it be placed?

This is all important to determining the best sized table and it’ll help you narrow down the options before even starting the search.

These days, there are tables made specifically with gaming in mind. They come with compartments to hide wires and have a smooth surface for your mouse to move across with ease.

Another great option is a standing desk. Standing from time to time helps to maintain good posture. It can help relieve pressure off your back and wrists and helps prevent problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome which is common amongst many gamers.

Up your stats with equipment

A gaming mouse has a higher sensitivity and can be easily customised, making it ideal for playing FPS. The best gaming mouse may be quite subjective, but you can check out what the experts recommend here.

When it comes to a sleek, stylish gaming setup, a wireless gaming keyboard is the way to go. While wireless keyboards are easily available, many options are not built with gaming in mind. You’ll want to ensure that you’ve got a proper gaming keyboard for that zero-lag experience.

Personal preference matters, so it’s best to head down to a store to give them a try yourself.

Surround your sound

Headphones are an essential for any gaming setup. Not only does it help get you into the zone, but it also allows you to hear positional cues more easily.

Many prefer gaming headsets with a built-in microphone as it makes it easier to communicate with your teammates in the game. Here’s what the pros are using.

Remember to choose one that fits you well since you’ll be wearing it for prolonged periods.

Light up your life

This isn’t essential, but the right lights can transform your space.

Some of the most popular choices are:

  • Hexagon light panels
  • Light bars
  • RGB light strips
  • Lamps

We recommend going with RGB light strips for ease of use and affordability.

For the ideal look, you should place your lights:

  • Behind your monitor
  • On the walls
  • At the corners of your room
  • Under your desk

Power your way through the game

Now that you’ve got the setup down, it’s time to upgrade your game with these simple gaming tips.

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uThrone Gaming Chair

uThrone - World's first gaming massage chair! 

A multiple award winner and great reviews. Need I say more? With ergonomic design, V-hand patented technology and Bluetooth speaker. 

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uThrone Gaming Massage Chair

uThrone Gaming Chair

uThrone - World's first gaming massage chair! 

A multiple award winner and great reviews. Need I say more? With ergonomic design, V-hand patented technology and Bluetooth speaker. 

Sale Off
uThrone Gaming Massage Chair
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