All You Need To Know About Sleep Cycles

What are sleep cycles?

All you need to know about sleep cycles:


Stage 1 - Very Light Sleep (5-10mins)
Our body has a high sense of awareness and we are easily awakened by bright light or noise.

Stage 2 - Light Sleep (10- 25 mins)
Our breathing pattern and heart rate slows down while our body temperature gradually decreases.

Stage 3 - Moderate Sleep (10 – 40 mins)
Our muscles are relaxed and our body becomes less responsive to outside stimuli as we slowly drift into deep sleep.

Stage 4 - Deep Sleep (10 – 30 mins)
Our body repairs and regrows tissues, bone and muscle mass while strengthening our immune system.

REM Sleep (10 – 30 mins)
Rapid eye movement (or REM) sleep on the other hand, is responsible for muscle memory and dreaming, and our brain is the most active at this stage.
Our eyes move rapidly back and forth at this stage (hence its name), and REM sleep is when our dreams are most vivid

As you catch your ZZZs each night, your body goes through five stages of sleep, also known as a sleep cycle. Typically, each sleep cycle lasts for 90 minutes and consists of both Non-REM sleep (or NREM) during stages 1 to 4, and REM (short for rapid eye movements) at the last stage. Adults go through 4to 5 sleep cycles per night, which is equates to 6-9 hours of sleep in total.

REM: Did you know?

  • Our brains are more active during REM sleep compared to when we’re awake
  • REM improves your mood and long-term memory
  • Our dreams are more vivid during this period


Tips for a good night’s sleep!

  • Fall asleep at the same time each night
  • Limit the amount of screen time before sleep
  • Loosen up any tight points in your body with a quick massage
  • Get adequate exercise for a deeper sleep


Improve Sleep Quality With Massages

While there are many ways to improve sleep quality, getting a massage has proven to be one of the most effective methods, here’s why:

  1. Feel more relaxed with an increased production of serotonin (a ‘happy’ chemical linked with regulating our mood)
  2. Provides a natural and non-invasive option to relieve pain-induced insomnia, without the side effects of medication
  3. Slows down an overactive nervous system voluntarily, to promote muscle relaxation and higher quality of sleep
  4. Loosens and stretches tight muscles to ease your body for a good night’s sleep


Sleep Your Way To Good Health

Getting enough rest is essential for muscle recovery and good health. Whether it is through frequent massages or forming a regular bedtime routine, it’s the little things that you can do to boost your health and well-being in the long run.

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