Massage Chairs: Are They Worth the Price Tag This 2021?

Massage chairs are among the little indulgences that people treated themselves to during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sales for this luxury item increased worldwide last year and are expected to reach US$ 3560 million by 2026, a significant growth from US$ 2689.5 in 2020. 

With massage chairs growing increasingly popular, however, more and more people are asking if the promised relief matches the hefty price tag. These products don’t come cheap – even the most basic, stripped-down models are bound to set you back thousands of dollars – so it’s understandable that many are wary about spending such a large sum.

The short answer is yes, massage chairs are worth every cent. They lead to a range of health benefits, including reduced muscle pain and stiffness and lower stress levels, so your day-to-day activities become more manageable and even enjoyable.

The long answer, however, is ‘it depends’. How worthwhile you’ll find a massage chair depends on its exact model, the features it has and how it suits your needs and lifestyle.

What to Look for in a Massage Chair

Modern massage chairs boast a range of features that achieve a deeper, more rejuvenating massage, giving you a spa-like experience at home. Below are some of the functions you want in your massage chair to ensure your delight with the purchase.

Advanced Massage Functions

Choose a massage chair that emulates the natural rolling and kneading movements of hands and makes you feel like you’re getting a massage from a masseuse. The uLove 2 Massage Chair is a great example of this. This luxury massage chair is powered by a revolutionary 4-Hand Massage technology, which reaches your deep tissues and muscles. 

You also want a massage chair that targets different parts of your body, not just your back. Look for a chair with massage rollers and airbags that reach your shoulders, neck, thighs, calves and feet to get a full-body massage.

Some massage chairs also come with a heated massage option. Heated massages are known to loosen up the muscles further, making them more pliant to the kneading and pressing movements of the chair. 

Adjustable Positions

You want a massage chair with an adjustable backrest, calf and foot port and armrests, so you can find the most comfortable position for you. The armrests and calf ports can feel awkward if they’re not adjustable because they force you to keep your limbs still for several minutes. They become especially uncomfortable if you’re planning to nap in the chair during the message. 

Additionally, not all massage chairs fully recline, which can be a disadvantage if you prefer to have massages while laying down.

Some luxury massage chairs are equipped with body scanning technology and optical and pressure sensors. This technology scans your body before you begin the massage and customises roller and airbag movements depending on which part of your body needs a massage the most.

If you’re looking to achieve the most soothing massage possible, choose a massage chair with a Zero Gravity recline option. The Zero Gravity setting is based on the neutral body posture specified by NASA. This position completely lifts the pressure off your joints and muscles, delivering a deeper, more invigorating massage.

Entertainment Features

High-end massage chairs have fun features that elevate your relaxation and make the chair more convenient to use. The uDream Well-Being Chair, for instance, is equipped with 3D surround sound speakers that let you watch a movie or play your favourite calming playlist while getting a massage.

Most massage chairs today come with MP3 support, either via SSD card insertion, a USB port or Bluetooth. This feature makes it easier for you to listen to whatever you want during your massage. 

Calculating the Costs

A traditional massage costs around $70 for a one-hour session. This kind of massage, however, is affordable because it’s usually done by a masseuse who isn’t formally qualified to perform massage therapy. These masseuses also typically practice a set routine for their massages instead of tailoring their technique to your needs or health issues.

Additionally, these $70-sessions are just basic massages and don’t include the cost of specialist products like aromatherapy or hot stones.

If you were to go to a spa massage, you’d have to spend at least $150 for just one session. Getting a massage at the spa every week amounts to roughly $7,800 a year. You can find full-body massage chairs in the same price range. The uDivine V Massage Chair, for instance, is on sale now at $7,680.

Furthermore, getting a premium massage chair means you can enjoy a relaxing massage anytime you want. You won’t have to book an appointment, brave traffic and carve time out of your busy schedule just to go to the spa. 

The bottom line is that if you frequently get massages, a massage chair would be a wise investment because you’ll save a lot of time and money spent on fuel and spa trips.

Massage Chairs Worth Every Cent

To make sure that you’re investing in a worthwhile massage chair, only buy from trusted brands. OSIM is among the top massage chair manufacturers listed in the global Massage Chair Market 2021 report by 360 Research Reports. We carry a range of top-of-the-line massage products, from gaming massage chairs to handheld massagers. 

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