Best Massage Chairs of 2021 in Australia [Buyer Guide]

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Massage Chairs in Australia

The best massage chairs in Australia aren’t necessarily the flashiest or the most expensive models.

When choosing a full-body massage chair, you have to think of its functionality and the technology used to manufacture it. OSIM AU discusses the most important factors in determining the best massage chairs for you.  This includes how you benefit from the product and what you need to know before browsing your options.

How do you benefit from a massage chair?

There’s more to a massage chair than being a cool, quirky lifestyle product that you display in your living room. It’s your ticket to quick and effective stress relief or pain relief at the end of a long, tiring day. It’s exactly what you need to calm your anxiety or soothe body aches when you would rather stay at home than go to a spa.

To put it simply, a massage chair helps you relax whenever you’re tired or restless. OSIM AU breaks down the different ways that a good product contributes to your physical and mental well-being.

Reduced Muscle Pain and Stiffness

Tight muscles and body aches are some of the most obvious symptoms of fatigue. Sometimes, you can’t simply sleep it off and hope that you’ll wake up the next day feeling refreshed. A thorough massage works on those knots and tight muscles so you can unwind properly.

Improved Blood and Lymphatic Flow

A professional masseuse effortlessly loosens knots along your back and shoulders for optimal relaxation and blood circulation. A full-body massage chair mimics their abilities. Choose a high-quality massage product that contributes to better blood and lymphatic circulation.

Higher Endorphin and Serotonin Levels

Massage chairs aren’t entirely about your physical well-being. They contribute to your peace of mind, too. One session on your massage chair could quickly loosen up your muscles and help you get a good night’s sleep, resulting in a boost of serotonin and endorphins.

What do you need to know before getting a massage chair?

Space and budget are already a given when it comes to getting a massage chair. Before anything else, you need to make sure that your chosen product fits into your living space and is well within your budget.

There are other factors that you need to be aware of before getting a massage chair, though. These include massage functions, massage chair technology and massage chair design. Make sure that you get the right product for your massage needs, that it reclines comfortably and that it matches your interior design.

Here’s a closer look at the factors that determine whether your massage chair purchase is worth it.

Massage Options and Techniques

A massage is, essentially speaking, a combination of pressures and repetitive motions on the surface of your skin for relaxation and muscle tension relief. Some people prefer the soft strokes of a Swedish massage while others prefer the more intense strokes of a deep tissue massage.

Before buying a massage chair, it would be advisable for you to be aware of which massage techniques you prefer. This way, you can filter your options based on the massage chair technologies that mimic the capabilities of a professional masseuse.

Alternatively, you can simply take note of which body parts require more attention. 

A full-body massage chair might be ideal if you want optimal stress relief and relaxation. Alternatively, an upper body massager or a lower body massager might be enough when you want to focus on your back and shoulders or on your legs and feet, respectively.

Massage Chair Technology

The second most important thing to consider when shopping for a massage chair is technology. 

Standard massage chairs focus on relieving your body aches and pains. But innovative products offer other features like monitoring your health and measuring vital statistics, burning calories and toning your body.

Maximise your massage chair investment by making sure it’s looking after your overall well-being.

On a related note, you might want to find out just how far back your massage chair options can recline. Some people don’t mind sitting upright while getting a massage. But others would rather get a reclining massage chair to get the full experience.

Massage Chair Design

Style is another major factor to consider when choosing a massage chair for your living room.

A massage chair isn’t a novelty; it’s part of your furniture. It just has the added benefits of relieving stress, reducing muscle tension and improving your health. So before buying one, make sure the lifestyle product matches your interior design. Make sure there’s enough space for it, too.

While massage chair features and technology are arguably the most significant factors to discern, you also have to consider the design. Do you like the material it’s made of? Does the colour match your living room? Is the chair too bulky or can you make enough space for it?

Remember: aesthetics are just as important as function and innovation.

Pricing and Budget

Last but definitely not the least, you have to consider the product price and your budget. 

The price range varies depending on the massage chair settings and features. There’s nothing wrong in splurging on a product that helps you relax as long as it does what it promises.

A home massage chair lets you indulge in the full-body massage experience without going to the spa or making an appointment with a professional masseuse. It has the added comfort and convenience of getting a massage whenever you want, anytime you’re at home.

Choose a good model from a trusted brand so you’re sure that it works well for years to come.

Which massage chair products should you consider getting?

OSIM AU features a wide range of full-body massage chairs and sofas that contribute to your overall well-being. Take a look at some of the most popular options among our customers.

uLove 2 Massage Chair

This massage chair captures the essence of massage indulgence and personal well-being.

The product’s revolutionary 4-Hand Massage technology mimics the sensation of two professional masseuses giving you a full-body massage. It’s composed of four sets of powerful massage rollers that work in harmony to ease the tension in your upper and lower body.

The product also features the intelligent V-Hand with 720° Roller Balls. This works on your deep-seated knots and leaves your body feeling lighter and more relaxed than ever.

You can also use the OSIM massage tracker mobile app to determine the best massage routine on the uLove 2 Massage Chair based on your lifestyle and habits.

uDivine V Massage Chair

This massage chair aims to relax your mind so you can sleep better and wake up refreshed.

OSIM AU believes that a good night’s sleep heavily contributes to your overall well-being. It keeps your body healthy and helps you maintain a positive, motivated disposition. For this reason, we designed the uDivine V Massage Chair to reduce your fatigue and improve your sleep quality.

This model emulates the sophisticated techniques of a professional masseuse using advanced technologies. Like the uLove 2 Massage Chair, it features the 4Hand Massage Technology and the V-Hand Technology with 720° Roller Balls to relieve all muscle tension throughout your body.

You can download the uDivine V App for customised massage chair programmes.

uDeluxe Warm Massage Chair

This massage chair is a no-frills solution that lets you experience professional massage at home.

The OSIM uDeluxe model combines our new generation massage technology and customisable massage chair programmes that allow you to pamper yourself from head to toe. It’s designed to provide a professional human-like massage every time you sit on the chair.

This model provides two standard types of human-like massage experiences that soothe muscle aches and strains: the V-Hand Massage and the Long Track Massage. These are professionally tailored programs that meet the varying lifestyle needs of our customers. 

Additionally, this model includes eight auto-massage programmes for full-body relaxation.

uDiva 2 Massage Sofa

This massage sofa encourages you to take a break and spend some time for rejuvenation.

Many customers would consider this model a living room essential because the independently controlled backrest and the innovative massage technology work together to relieve muscle tension, undo the knots down your back and get rid of your everyday stresses. 

This model can transform from an upright sofa into a reclined massage chair. 

The Hybrid Power-Ball Massage Therapy technology relieves all aches and pains that you feel on your upper back, head and shoulders. It also features the Hyper-Power Foot Massage Technology which relieves tension in your tired feet and calves through roller reflexology.

This model also has multiple auto massage programs for you to choose from.

Why choose OSIM AU massage products?

OSIM AU is a renowned massage chair company in Australia and throughout Asia. This is because our team is constantly looking for ways to improve our massage chair technology to address your most pressing concerns. 

The trust that customers have in our product reflects in how our product range has expanded from full-body massage chairs. We currently offer upper body massage, lower body massagers, gaming chairs, and air purifiers and humidifiers for all-around indulgence and relaxation at home.

Customers can also count on us for:

  • Advice on the best massage equipment based on unique needs
  • Dependable customer service and support online and in store
  • One-year warranty and a series of extended warranty options
  • Repair and maintenance services throughout Australia
  • Trade-in options when you need to replace old OSIM products

Get in touch with an OSIM AU representative today to learn more about your options and determine the most suitable massage product for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay on the massage chair overnight?

Although a massage chair is designed to relieve muscle tension and help you de-stress, staying upright overnight—even on the most comfortable massage chair — is not recommended.

How long should I stay on the massage chair?

A 30-minute session on the massage chair is usually enough to relax your mind and body. Nevertheless, we suggest discussing the matter with your doctor if you have injuries or if you’re prone to bruising.

How often can I use the massage chair?

One of the best things about having a massage chair is that you have access to it anytime. You can use it in the morning, while you meditate. You can use it every night, after a long work day.

How long will the massage chair serve its purpose?

Considering the technology we use in manufacturing OSIM massage chairs, these products are meant to serve their purpose for many years to come. Each massage chair also comes with a one-year warranty.

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