Eye Massager Pros and Cons

Comfort and relaxation is something everyone seeks, but is often hard to get. There’s many ways to help ourselves get these, and an eye massager is an overlooked but great method. But what are the eye massager pros and cons? Not to worry before you decide to get one, we’ll guide you through what the benefits and cons are for these nifty devices so you can make the best decision.

What is an Eye Massager

Before we get into eye massager pros and cons, let’s first get to know what they are. Eye massagers are handheld massager devices that cover and wrap around your eyes. Eye massagers are, as the name suggests, designed to massage and relax the delicate area around your eyes. Advanced eye massagers feature different massage techniques and options, letting you decide massage types, pressure levels, and even let you listen to calming sounds or music

While most eye massagers are designed to be worn as masks that cover the eyes, there are also versions that are used manually moving them across the face with your hands. And all types of eye massagers provide stimulation to your eyes in some way. This includes vibrating motors, airbag compression and even heating or cooling.

Eye Massager Pros And Cons - The Pros

1. Relieves Eye Strain and Fatigue

The biggest benefit for eye massager pros and cons is that they help to relieve your eye strain and fatigue. By using massage through vibration, kneading motions and air compression, these devices soothe the tissue and muscles around the eye area, reducing eye strain and helping to relieve tension. Eye massagers also work on pressure points, further helping relieve built up eye strain and tension. 

And with an increase in the use of screens for both work and leisure, eye strain and fatigue is only becoming a more common problem. This makes eye massagers a useful device for many people, helping overall eye health and relaxing your eyes.

2. Improves Blood Circulation around the Eyes

The combination of heat and physical stimulation around the eye stimulate blood flow throughout the area. These two eye massager functions combine to dilate, or widen the blood vessels in tissue and muscles, bringing more blood circulation. This extra blood then gives more oxygen and nutrients to the eye area. The end result is that muscles around the eye become less tense, reduce dark circle appearance and puffiness for a more refreshed look. 

3. Reduces Headaches and Migraines

Using eye massagers help with relieving headaches and migraines

Our third benefit in this eye massager pros and cons guide is that they provide relief from tension headaches and migraines. By stimulating the pressure points around the temples and surrounding eye area, the causes of headaches and migraines are reduced. They’re also great at relieving sinus pressure, which contributes to tension headaches.

4. Promotes Relaxation and Stress Relief

The soothing sensation of the vibration, kneading motions and heat or cooling from your eye massager is great for relaxation and reducing stress. The physical and temperature stimulation can be combined with music or light stimulation, depending on your eye massager features, to enhance the experience. 

Eye massagers are also great to use when you feel tired from your work or daily activities, allowing you to unwind and take your mind off things. In conjunction with being used by themselves, they’re also great when used during meditation or other mindfulness activities. These all work together to help calm your mind and promote better quality of life and sleep.

5. Relief From Dry Eyes

Get tear and oil production in your eyes with stimulation from an eye massager

Another reason why an eye massager is great for your body is that they help to moisturise your eyes. This comes from a number of factors, one of which is the improved blood circulation around the eyes as mentioned previously. This improved blood circulation around the eye extends into the tear glands, which have improved tear production by receiving more nutrient supply with the extra blood flow. 

Eye massagers that feature a heat function also help to stimulate tear production from tear glands. Heat compression also helps with the function of oil glands in your eye lids that work alongside tears to lubricate the eyes. The extra tear and oil production is then helped with the physical stimulation that the massagers provide, spreading the moisture throughout the eye.

6. Portability

Our final main pro in this guide of eye massager pros and cons is they’re a portable massager. Because of their smaller size, eye massagers are easy to carry around and transport. This makes it convenient for you to have your eye massages at home in different rooms or to bring it to a workplace. 

Taking it with you for trips in cars or planes also becomes simple, allowing you to experience all of the above benefits whilst on the go for use at any time. Many high quality eye massagers also come with carry cases to keep them safe and sound.

Eye Massager Pros and Cons - The Cons

1. Limited Effectiveness for Certain Eye Conditions

Our first con in this guide to eye massager pros and cons is the limited effectiveness they may have for you. Although eye massagers have many benefits, they aren’t a cure for all issues or symptoms related to your eyes. Chronic eye issues or health problems that relate to your eyes need a medical professional to be assessed. This could include seeing an eye doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan to address your concerns. 

People with serious eye conditions should also check with their doctor before using an eye massager. The stimulation could aggravate or worsen eye conditions without knowledge on what is safe and effective for your eyes and eye area.

2. Potential Discomfort or Irritation

Our next con in this article about eye massager pros and cons is that the risk of discomfort and irritation for certain people. Testing is important before using an eye massager, as the stimulation of the eye area with physical stimulation and heating can cause sensitivity and discomfort for some. 

We recommend starting with the mildest intensity massage settings and gradually increasing to a level that is still comfortable. High quality eye massagers have more settings and a better design, which helps them to give you a better user experience.  If you find that the eye massager is uncomfortable to use, discontinue using it.

Get Your Eye Massager Today!

There’s a range of both pros and cons for eye massagers, with most of them being positive benefits. And now that we know what the eye massager pros and cons are, it’s time for you to get one yourself! For an outstanding eye massager experience, look no further than OSIM. Our eye massager has been developed and tested with relaxation and relief in mind, so buy one today and discover it’s magic!

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