Health and Wellness Benefits of Body Massage Chairs

There’s a significant demand for massage items, including massage chairs. The electronic massage device market is expected to hit up to $20.9 billion this year, with an annual growth rate of 11.3%. More people are investing in massage devices, including massage chairs. 

OSIM Australia, with many models of massage chairs for sale, have found that its clientele comes from all ages and careers. Massage chairs are no longer just equipment for athletes looking for post-workout recovery or senior citizens seeking relief from aches. 

And because massage chairs come in many models and varieties, there’s a chair with the right features to suit every need. These appliances have become specialised equipment that provides health benefits for everyone, including children.

Massage Chair Benefits and Advantages

Reduces stress and anxiety

The University of Miami School of Medicine study has found that massage chairs enhance EEG brain activity in adults. The vibrations, massaging motions, and other effects of the massage chair dramatically reduce physical and psychological stress levels among adults.

The massage triggers the production of serotonin and reduces the cortisol in the body. The latter is the hormone the body produces when under stress or when you’re anxious. By triggering the serotonin and dopamine and reducing the cortisol, people recover more quickly from their daily stress.

Relieves body pain

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has found that one in five Australians aged 45 and older live with chronic or persistent pain. Massage chairs are an excellent way to relieve that chronic pain even for a short time and prevent the pain from happening more often.

Massage therapy has been a well-documented solution to pain. Massage chairs can relax muscles and relieve the tension, thereby soothing some pain. Along with releasing feel-good hormones and reducing stress, people with massage chairs can enjoy reduced aches and pains after a couple of massage cycles.

People with lower back pain benefit the most from massage chairs as the rollers and nodes in the chairs are often perfectly positioned to relieve tension and aches in this muscle group. 

Improves cardiovascular health

Massage chairs can stimulate the blood vessels with the circular motions in the nodes and rollers. Various chairs have features that move and vibrates, stimulating your back muscles. These motions improve the circulatory system and help it by making sure that your blood is flowing. It even helps if the chair has a heating feature, promoting the circulatory system.

Furthermore, a massage chair can reduce blood pressure and heart rate, making it ideal for people who suffer from hypertension. And because heart disease often stems from high blood pressure, tension, and stress, having regular sessions with your massage chair acts as a preventative measure and limits your risk of developing the disease.

Relieves headaches

Tension causes headaches, especially for people with poor posture. Sore backs, tight muscles around the neck, and strained eyes also contribute to headaches. People who spend long hours seated with poor posture and working at a computer screen are susceptible to these tension headaches.

Repeated tension headaches can lead to a chronic condition, so owning a massage chair may prevent things from escalating. It provides day-to-day massage relief to avoid headaches, keeping them from recurring as they work.

Improves immunity

The body’s lymphatic system is part of the immune system and is a network of tubes that transport the lymph fluid around the body via the bloodstream. The lymph nodes are strategically positioned to help the immune system combat infections.

With the improved circulatory benefits that come from regular massages from a massage chair, the lymphatic system can also function better. The toxins are flushed from the lymph nodes, which create an overall better immune system because the nodes aren’t carrying all those toxins. 

Improving your immunity is even more crucial these days than ever. Regular massage therapy through a massage chair could bring you better health and a stronger ability to fight diseases. 

Different Chairs for Different Needs

The different massage chair models in the market are geared towards specific needs. Some people have head and neck pains, which prompts them to buy a chair with specialised rollers targeting that muscle group.

Others prefer a massage chair that can do various types of massages. 

It’s often most suitable for athletes who need different massage functions for post-workout recovery. Others may also prefer a massage chair that can target their limbs and their upper and lower back. 

A Quality Massage Chair to Gain the Best Benefits

But the way to get the best benefits from a massage chair is to get a quality brand worth the investment. Massage chairs aren’t considered low-cost appliances, but their benefits are worth the cost. 

Buying a quality massage chair ensures that you’re investing in equipment that gives you the health and wellness benefits that massage chairs are known for. 

OSIM Australia is a leading distributor of high-quality massage chairs and devices. The wide range of models offers various features to address different massage and relief needs. Browse our selection of massage chairs or look for the ideal portable massager to take with you for convenient pain relief.

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