5 Chamomile Oil Benefits that Will Boost your Wellbeing

You’ve heard of essential oils. And you’ve probably heard of the big names when it comes to essential oils – lavender, jasmine, peppermint. All three are made to improve your day in different ways. But what if I told you that the lesser known chamomile has the same wellbeing effects as the essential oil Big 3 combined? What are these amazing chamomile oil benefits? Read on to find out what they are!

What is chamomile oil?

Chamomile oil comes from the appropriately named daisy-like plant, chamomile. Chamomiles have been used for thousands of years as ancient medicinal herbs and were used frequently in traditional herbal medicine.

You’ve most likely heard of chamomile from chamomile tea, an incredibly popular tea with many health benefits. It also comes in the forms of mouthwash, soaps and shampoos. Chamomile oil however, shares the same healthy effects of chamomile tea, but it’s versatility sets it apart. It’s wide range of uses makes it a game changer for those looking to enjoy all the benefits chamomile has to offer.

But how do we get chamomile oil from chamomiles? It is essentially extracted from the flowers through steam distillation. Steam distillation is a separation process used to purify or isolate materials such as essential oils. Once extracted, the oil is packaged and distributed ready for people to enjoy the amazing chamomile oil benefits! So if you want to find out exactly how this ancient herb can help you, keep reading!

Benefit #1 – Fill entire rooms with pleasing scents

Chamomile oil is able to imbue spaces and rooms with the aromatic scents of the chamomile flower. It does this when diffused via an electric diffuser. An electric diffuser will disperse the oil into the air, allowing its scent to be carried through entire rooms and spaces.

Nice smelling rooms have an effect on everyone within it, promoting feelings of positivity and freshness, ultimately helping to improve moods. Pleasant odours have also been shown to increase work productivity, making it perfect for those who have their own office or work from home! A little chamomile oil in the air goes a long way.

Benefit #2 – Relaxes and reduce stress levels

Chamomile oil’s soothing properties might just be able to help you unwind after a long and stressful day. Chamomile oil promotes greater feelings of relaxation, rest and peace. We recommend diffusing some of the oil while sipping your favourite tea – a combo guaranteed to make you forget about your worries!

For those suffering from high stress levels and anxiety, the calming properties of chamomile oil can be especially effective in making sure those levels don’t spiral out of control. These therapeutic chamomile oil benefits make it popular for those who do suffer from things like anxiety and depression.

Benefit #3 – Can promote greater sleep quality

If you’re the type to toss and turn throughout the night, chamomile oil can help both your body and mind relax. In the same way that it promotes relaxation, chamomile can have similar effects on your sleep.

By relaxing your body, you’ll be more likely to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. This natural remedy improves your health in general, allowing your body to heal and rejuvenating and refreshing your mind. Using a humidifier in tandem with an essential oil diffuser an hour or two before bedtime will undoubtedly help you enjoy a better night’s rest.

Benefit #4 – Can help with tummy troubles

Remember when we said that chamomile essential oil is super versatile? It’s because the benefits of chamomile essential oils aren’t limited to simply diffusing it – chamomile oil can also be taken as a supplement!

Intaking chamomile oil can improve your gut health and relieve pain for those who suffer from frequent indigestion. It does this by reducing acidity in the stomach. Chamomile oil can also help with minor digestive issues such as nausea, gas and bloating.

Benefit #5 – Improve the health of your skin and hair

Adding on to it’s versatility, chamomile oil can be applied onto both skin and hair to improve their complexion and overall health. In regards to skin, applying chamomile oil can help moisturise dry skin and reduce skin inflammation. Pure chamomile can be applied topically to the skin, or is used as an ingredient in essences and serums.

Chamomile oil can also be found in shampoos and conditioners where it helps treat dry and damaged hair. However as with all products, it’s important to perform spot tests before you apply the oil to both skin and hair. This prevents unexpected and adverse allergic reactions.

Safely using chamomile oil

Jumping off the previous point, it’s important to be aware of the potential side effects of chamomile oil. You should be made aware of any potential allergies, especially if you plan on diffusing it in rooms where many people are present. Other side effects to consider include eye irritations and hypersensitivity.

Turn to chamomile oil to bring a breath of fresh air to your home

The benefits of chamomile oil don’t stop there! From their antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties to their high antioxidant content, chamomile oil could and should be a part of your health routine today!

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