6 Practical Sleep Solutions for Poor Sleepers and Insomniacs

You hear it all the time: sleep early!  But, do you find it very hard to go to bed early? With our excessive workloads and busy social lives, many of us are short on sleep. This increases our stress levels, body pain, emotional distress, and affects our performance. What’s more, a lack of sleep solutions leads to a higher risk of health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. 

In contrast, good sleep improves mood, reduces stress levels, and minimizes chances for health problems. It helps you feel like your best self, being energetic and motivated to start your

So, how to ensure sufficient sleep? In this article, we tell you the most efficient sleep solutions.

What is good sleep?

Sleep is a complex process with a series of sleep stages. It starts from light sleep to deep sleep, and then rapid eye movement (REM). Successfully looping through all of these steps every night can make sleep perform its function – restoring your body and mind, in the best manner.

A lot of people seem to think that it’s how long you sleep that matters. But if your 10 hour sleep is constantly being interrupted, there wouldn’t be a difference if you slept for 6. What matters is that your night’s rest is deep and free of disturbance. This is what is meant by ‘good sleep quality’.

Don’t be overwhelmed! Getting sufficient sleep sounds very complicated, but it’s easy to achieve.

Solution 1 – Sleep aids with cautions

Difficulty falling asleep is a common occurrence, and sleeping aids have become popular due to their immediate effect. It usually starts having an effect within 20-30 minutes of being taken, and lasts for several hours. But, you must strictly follow the given instructions and reduce the frequency of using them. Otherwise, irreversible outcomes will occur such as dizziness, breathing difficulties, and chest pain.

Solution 2 – Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Coffee contains heavy caffeine, which is a stimulant causing a disrupted sleep during the night. Also, it causes frequent bathroom trips throughout the night when taking a lot of drinks before bedtime. Surprisingly, alcohol has a similar effect. Since liver enzymes metabolize the alcohol at night, taking alcohol before bedtime usually causes delayed sleep. So, reducing your daily alcohol and caffeine consumption is a good start for your sleep solutions.

Solution 3 – Morning workouts

Have you ever been to a gym in the early morning? You’ll find it’s packed! There is no doubt that morning workouts enhance personal discipline. Just like a habit, once you get used to it, you will find ALL benefits of it.

You will find yourself much more flexible with time, your body and mind being positively activated, and of course, a good mood to start your day. More importantly, it turns to better sleep at the end of the day. Not only the length of sleep is improved but also the quality of sleep.

Solution 4 – Comfortable mattresses and pillows

‘Where did you get your mattresses and pillows?’ This is the most common question that gets asked in a hotel. Apart from the room environment, the quality of mattresses and pillows is also the factor that determines sleep solutions. A pillow that’s too flat or too fluffy can distort your spine and cause neck stiffness as well as back pain. Similarly, a mattress that is too hard or too soft can also result in your  sore back.

Solution 5 – Consistent sleep times

Have you heard of the ‘’21-day rule’’? It means that it takes 21 days to form a habit (whether good or bad). So, if you repeat sleeping at consistent times, it will be turned into a habit. You gradually find the quality of your sleep is improved, and you no longer rely on an alarm to wake up.

Solution 6 – Massages

No matter how busy you are, it is important to rest your body and mind from time to time. A study shows that nighttime massage is the key to a peaceful sleep. It has the power to reduce your depression and anxiety, stress levels, as well as relieve your body pains. Instead of going to a local massage therapist, you could also enjoy the same decompression effect at home!

Using an electric massager is a great way to relieve your body pains. It provides quality massages that you can receive in a massage shop. And it’s easy-to-operate functions allow you to manage it at home without others’ help. With a wide range of electric massagers, they aim to work on different parts of the body. So no matter which part of your body has the pain, it can be relieved.

Find your best sleep solutions now!

Hopefully, the above tips have helped you understand the nature of good sleep and discover a variety of different sleep solutions.

One of those solutions is a massage! Are you looking to get an electric massager? It is the most effective way for your sleep solutions at home. Check out our range of quality massagers! You’ll be sure to find the best one for you. Also, if you are interested in more articles like this one, check out OSIM’s Wellness Hub. You can find a wide range of articles there that all aim to maintain your wellbeing. Surely, you’ll find them useful to live a life full of health and happiness!

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