How to Turn Your Workspace into a Stress Free Zone

The new year is in full swing which means that many of us have returned to work. It’s a whole new year of work to look forward to (or dread). For those who work at a desk, either at home or in an office, there’s no better time than now to create a workspace that promotes productivity while remaining relatively stress free.

What’s so important about creating a stress free workspace? It helps improve productivity, prevents overwhelming feelings of stress and is a major factor in your overall happiness and satisfaction at work.

While there are some aspects of your work environment that you can’t really change (such as building location or desk location), there are still many things you can do to create a space that fosters creativity, productivity and happiness. Read on to find out more!

1 – Declutter your desk

This may sound like an obvious tip, but you’ll surprise yourself with how cluttered your desk can get during the week. Whether it’s stray pens, random post-it notes, piles of coffee cups or this week’s stack of documents, your desk can get cluttered and untidy fast.

When your desk is messy, your mind tends to also feel messy which can lead to feelings of stress and frustration. On the other hand, a clean desk can lead to clearer thinking and calming feelings (since you have less to worry about).

Taking a couple of minutes at the start or end of your day to clean your desk up can go a long way in ensuring you have a space which is free of clutter and instead promotes cleanliness and clarity.

2 – Manage your cables

Going off on the previous point, cable management is an oft-forgotten aspect of clean, stress-free workspaces. There is no shortage of cables and wires on people’s desks these days. Phone chargers, headphone cables and USB cables can all become entangled, turning into knotted monsters which can be frustrating to look at.

Untangling your cables is only one half of the solution! To properly rid your desk of frustrating cables, you’ll need to spend some time grouping and typing up your cables. 

There’s many guides out there on how to cable manage your desk, and many special tools to help keep them organised. They all however have the same idea – that tidy, well-kept cables are key to stress-free work and play. Out of sight out of mind, right?

3 – Add a personal touch

There’s nothing more dreary than coming into work to a desk that is devoid of personal flavour and touch. After all, it’s your desk! Bringing something from home can give your desk some personality and can help you feel like you’re almost not at work.

Examples of this can include personal photographs of loved ones or having desk equipment themed with your personal hobbies or interests. It’s not uncommon to see people with personalised mugs or custom mouse keypads. A personal touch can do wonders for your productivity; energising you and keeping you motivated throughout the day.

4 – Show off your green thumb

What’s a better way to bring your desk to life with real, living plants? Some greenery can boost moods, give off calming vibes and ultimately create a workspace that is relatively stress free. Having some plants can also give you reason to take breaks, as you can water or trim them during the day.

So what kinds of greenery should you get? Succulents are super popular for their low maintenance and attractiveness. Cacti are also very popular for their stylishness, though you may need to keep them in locations where no one is likely to reach across your desk!

5 – Timers and breaks

Whenever you hit the point in your working day where the stress gets too much, it can often be too much of an ask to simply return and continue your daily tasks. More likely than not, you end up feeling exhausted, upset and with zero desire to continue working.

To prevent you from reaching that breaking point, it’s recommended to take multiple short breaks throughout your day. This acts as a way for you to step back and have a breather. Techniques such as the Pomodoro Technique are super popular for this exact reason.

Need a reminder to take a break? Having a timer on your desk is a great way to make sure you’re taking enough breaks and keeping your stress levels low.

6 – Make sure your space is well-lit

Light has a huge impact on whether your workspace is productive and energetic, or stress-inducing. Dim workspaces work only to foster negative feelings and dreariness, so it’s important to ensure you are getting enough light in your area.

Natural light is the way to go but you might not always be able to situate yourself in a place with lots of windows and sunlight. In those cases, bright lamps and mirrors can help increase the amount of light in your workspace.

7 – Invest in a standing desk

The popularity of standing desks is on the rise and for good reason! They’ve been shown to have a number of benefits, including those affecting stress and productivity.

Studies have shown that using a standing desk leads to less stress and fatigue during the work day. It also increases productivity, vigor and energy levels. So if you’re tired of sitting around all day, a standing desk might give you the lift you need at work!

Begin 2021 stress-free now!

While it’s impossible to rid yourself of work-related stress you can absolutely make changes and take steps to create a working environment that is calming and productive. These 7 easy tips are a great way to begin turning your workspace into a stress free zone.

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