6 Great Outdoor Exercise Ideas For You To Do This Summer

Long days, warm weather and cool breezes – summer is undoubtedly the most popular season to get out of the house. It’s also a great opportunity to finally do some exercise outdoors. While gyms are convenient, air-conned and have a multitude of equipment to help you stay fit, new outdoor exercise ideas will give you a chance to mix things up and break up the monotony.

So what kind of outdoor exercises and activities can you do this summer which will get your heart pumping? Keep reading to find some of our best outdoor exercises ideas for you to do this summer!

Exercise Idea #1 – Work out at an outdoor gym

Like we previously mentioned, gyms are great since it’s pretty much everything you need packed into one place. Gyms do have their downsides though. Firstly, you usually need to pay for access to gyms. Secondly, gyms can get pretty busy, leaving you waiting for or sharing gym equipment.

Outdoor gyms are a great alternative and are perfect for outdoor workouts! They’re free and while their equipment may not be as fancy as those of a regular gym, they can be just as effective. You’ll find that a park bench or simple pull-up bar can be super effective in strength training.

Plus you have the added bonuses of simply exercising in a new way and being able to workout in the sunshine.

Looking for some outdoor gym spots? Here’s a great list of outdoor gyms in Sydney and Melbourne!

Exercise Idea #2 – Go on a hike

There’s nothing quite like going on a summer hike – either by yourself or with a group of friends. Hikes can be challenging but are also infinitely rewarding. What kind of rewards are we talking about? Hiking is great for your cardiovascular health, gives you the chance to enjoy nature and witness breathtaking views and can be fulfilling once completed.

Hiking trails can come in all forms, from coastal walks to mountain climbs. And whether you’re a hiking veteran or a beginner taking on their first trail, you’ll find yourself simply enjoying the wonder of the great outdoors!

Exercise Idea #3 – Try biking

One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors while getting some exercise is to bike! Outdoor biking comes in many forms such as cycling and dirt biking. So whether you’re wanting to reach top speeds, take on off-road trails or just enjoy a casual ride around your neighbourhood, biking will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s important to mention that biking can be a little expensive due to the cost of the actual bike and protective gear such as helmets. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic addition to your workout routines and a great outdoor exercise idea for you and your friends to try this summer.

Exercise Idea #4 – Go for a swim

Swimming is almost synonymous with summer. After all, what’s a better way to beat the summer heat than taking a dip in a pool or the beach? Swimming is family-friendly, fun and is a great form of exercise. It’s great for cardiovascular health, tones arms and legs and builds stamina.

Another fantastic benefit of swimming for exercise is that it is perfect for those who may suffer from joint and muscle pain. The weightlessness and buoyancy of the water allows for smoother movement, lessens stress and acts as gentle resistance to build muscle. What more reasons do you need?

Exercise Idea #5 – Experience kayaking and canoeing

Kayaking is a fun summer activity and for good reason. It gets you out of the house, into nature and is a fun experience for the whole family. It also is a great workout both for your cardiovascular health and for strength and muscle building. With all the rowing you’ll be doing you can bet that your back and upper body muscles will get a real workout during a day of kayaking!

You don’t need your own kayak or canoe either – many places are happy to let you rent equipment for a great day on the water.

Exercise Idea #6 – Get involved in sports

Summer and sports go hand in hand. Especially the kind that are played on open fields and local parks. Sports such as soccer, football, basketball and cricket are fantastic ways to enjoy the summer weather and get your boy moving.

These sports don’t need to be competitively organised either. Simply taking the footy out to the park and having a kickaround with your mates will do wonders for your health!

Get out and about this summer

There’s no better time to mix up your exercise routine and get outdoors than now! With these 5 outdoor exercise ideas, you can get some exercise in, enjoy the summer weather and enjoy the company of your friends – all at the same time.

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